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Unipro present some of the best quality products in the business, they're always hard pressed to present innovation and accurecy, because of this they will always strive to produce a product that is built with maximum care and  attention to detail, take a quick look at our products page and see if you agree.
Unipro provides a system with selection of sensors that you can fit to measure practically any parameters of your kart, these options are completely up to you and for the most part can be added later to your system to make it into everything you want it to be, take a look through some of the sensors for options availble, theres also a wider array of sensors availble that can be ordered if you should wish.
From day one, Unipro have been all about developing products to make the life of a driver more simple, while adding the maximum amount of technology to give you the best results, with accuracy being key and products constantly in development and always searching for areas of improvement, we believe Unipro keep their promise to make you Go Faster, Faster.